Charlie Montoyo, the baseball man who has a swing

The salsa band lasted 45 minutes from its first set at the Lula Lounge in a recent Saturday when Charlie Montoyo appeared in the main yard. One of the duo of the music club lives in Montoyo and the conductor, with his guests, has a reserved month. It’s what I’ve most looking for in the scenario.

Montoyo, 56 years old, took off his jacket and saluted the members of the band he knew. Moments after, Montoyo, the manager of the Toronto Azulées — one of the most important teams in the Big League of Béisbol — arrived with the band and the animal a gyro, a basic instrument of Latin American music. The male star is friendly during the next hours and hours.

“This is our company our great manager of the Azulejos”, said Luis Franco, the band’s vocalist, to the Spanish public. Here is a signal for Montoyo to unite in the delusional part of the scenario and continue: “This man is doing an impeccable job with our team. In favor, an applause ”.

Montoyo dio un paso al frente y abrazó a Franco, mientras sonreía y saludaba al public. But it quickly moved to its preferred position: with the band members, between the instruments.

It is possible that the baseball is the engine of Montoyo’s live, but the music has the subyacent rhythm. The stadium’s office is a replica of bongos, congas, timbales, maracas and discos. Before the parties choose salsa to relax. And, for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this.

“Charlie starred at the scene and said that he was present at our relationship,” said Montoyo, Sam, in a recent telephone interview. “Recuerdo haber levantado la vista durante nuestra boda despuite de hablar con la gente, y él staba en el scenario con la banda”.

On campus, the Azulejos are a diverse and animated group. When a player had a gunshot wound, his companions drove a blue jacket, in which the names of the countries represented in the team appeared, from Canada to the Dominican Republic, passing through Cuba and Korea to the South.

Montoyo is his bullshit leader, although it took him a long time to get to that point. With over 18 years of exits directing in the minor to the Tampa Bay Rays and four years as a coach in the majors, finally there is the opportunity to direct in Toronto in 2019.

If there is a cargo of a promised plant for reconstruction and the removal of the eliminators in 2020. The Azulejos are looking for a victory of another appearance in the post-time trial, for the start of 2022 as a popular selection of the premix of the World Cup. Hasta el mercoles, su balance era de 33-23.

At the moment, Montoyo’s sonorous band has salsa.

“It was phenomenal,” said the general manager of the Azulejos, Ross Atkins, about Montoyo. “His experiences have always been attractive to me, personally. His experiences in the minor leagues, his experiences as a player, his cultural experiences. It’s exactly what we hope for in the contract and something more ”.

From the peekña ciudad of Florida, Puerto Rico, Montoyo cry in turn to the salsa and the baseball. Through a team of four players with the Montreal Expos in 1993 and 1028 games in the minor leagues, Montoyo withdrew and started his coaching career.

“I always quit being a pilot,” he said in his office at the Rogers Center in Toronto. “I never thought I would be a musician. Poco a poco, seguí tocando. And I love the salsa. Pero ahora sí, me gustaría ser músico ”.

Unlike his men, Montoyo never assists in music classes or joins the college band. To create, learn intuitive music. In the parrands, a Puerto Rican tradition that is like wild song at night, ayudaba to touch the maracas, the güiro or the pandera mientras iban de puerta en puerta. At the meetings on the beach, observa cómo otros tocaban las congas y luego el las cogía.

Montoyo has a large collection of instruments at its permanent residence in Tucson, Arizona, and at its Rogers Center office, which is also a sanctuary dedicated to Puerto Rico and salsa. His story revolves around an autographed quartet of his favorite musician, Herman Olivera, and a new congress game for the office after being contracted by Toronto.

Montoyo said he knew some of his musical heroes — like Roberto Roena, Oscar Hernández, Eddie Palmieri and Olivera — meant more than he knew how many famous baseball players.

During the 2019 training, Montoyo organized an improvised action in his office in Dunedin, Florida, with singer Marc Anthony, who runs a baseball agency representing the first base of the Azulejos, Vladimir Guer. Anthony cantó “Aguanile”, the salsa classic of Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe, while Montoyo tosses the goodies. Other members of the technical team of the Azulejos of Puerto Rico will be at the party.

(Noche en la que tocó en el Lula Lounge, Montoyo le mandô a Anthony un video de su actuación. “Wepa”, le reply Anthony en espanglish. “Qué swing, papito. I love it. Made my day”).

Montoyo organizes mini-improvisation sessions. A party invites some of the club’s musicians to his office, and the show lasts until 4:00 am Pero the mayor for the time being, Montoyo is alone, giving musical videos on television before and after a party.

“We are in a competitive sport and the position in which there is a lot of pressure and attention from entering clubhouse“, Says Hector Lebron, 44 years old, an interpreter of the Azulejos who played for Montoyo in the minor leagues of Tampa Bay. “He uses the music to relax a little and to think”.

Montoyo tocó for first time at the Lula Lounge in 2019. During the practice of beating the game in Mayo, I got to know some of the musicians of the club that habían listened to about his musical ability and the work of mutual friends. In his conversation, Luis “Luisito” Orbegoso, a local artist artist, said that he was pleased that Montoyo knew what he was talking about and invited him to his club that night. Montoyo acudió y tocó, y así comenzó su amistad.

“Ever since I was in Toronto, I’m sick and dizzy: ‘When are we going to talk? “When will we rumbear?” “Included in the winter, el offseason, contact me and pone videos. Nosotros somos pura salsa ”.

The Lula Lounge is one of the things that Montoyo has been expanding most of Toronto between 2020 and 2021, as Canada’s pandemic frontier restrictions oblige the Azulejos to increase the majority of their home games in Buffalo and Florida’s training facilities. .

“He has a hog here”, said José Ortega, a proprietor of the Lula Lounge who started organizing salsa rental classes in his Toronto apartment in the 2000s before he was created after two years had been converted into a restaurant and the club he co-owns with José Nieves. We’ll be like one more member of the band ”.

Montoyo has worked in the Lula Lounge six times in total, including those times this time after the parties in the Saturday baths. He was approached by the directives or the coaches of the team and was taken to his place when he was visiting from Arizona, where he went to school with his minor. Montoyo stabbed the day of his most recent visit — the Azulejos were in the middle of a tram of 20 consecutive game days — but the club escaped.

“If Sam knows that it’s sad and that he’s lost a difficult party and that he’s alone in the apartment, I’ve told him to go and fight,” said Montoyo.

As well as the fact that the Azulejos won against the Astros of Houston — a party that Montoyo had expelled in the fifth inning to discuss a third strike in Guerrero — was held in the Lula Lounge with the band Luis Franco Worldwide Salsa.

“Nosotros le decimos swing”, dijo Alex Naar, 42 years, percussionist of the band that performed in Montoyo un güiro y lo guio en los arreglos más modernos. “It has a natural swing of music. He is in the cross. It has the rhythm ”.

After the first set, Montoyo posed for the photos with some fans. While a classic salsa and reggaet tocaba DJ, Montoyo goes on stage to play the songs to the rhythm of the song. And when the band regresses to its second set, it’s union.

“El béisbol es muy caribeño”, dijo Ortega, que nació en Ecuador y se crio en Nueva York. “It’s Puerto Rican, it’s Dominican, Venezuelan, and it’s all the rhythm and style and garb that Latinos bring to the game. It’s ambient, like it’s out of hand. As for me, when Charlie was standing there, he thought: ‘Well, this is a fun and perfect union of all things’s.

In all aspects of his life, Montoyo has managed to represent his island, since the diamond has the scenario.

“It’s difficult to get to this level”, dijo about his work. “I do not hope to read here, sincerely, after so many years. For that I’m connected to the Puerto Rico border in my guantine, by all lads. I’m so organisto de donde yo soy y de la música ”.

Poco despues the medianche, when he queds a few songs in the second set of his recent visit to Lula Lounge, Montoyo terminal. The devotion to the Naar, dio un abrazo y se despidió. I would like to go, but the Azulejos will play a game at 1:00 pm Cogió su chaqueta y se fue con los empleados del team he habían venido. Pero volverá.

James Wagner has been playing baseball — the Mets for two years and now and for the Yankees — for The New York Times from June 2016. He previously worked for The Washington Post during six years and for the Washington Nationals. @ByJamesWagner• Facebook

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